The 2017 membership expired on 28/02/2018, so time to renew your membership.

On February 23, 2018 the 2017 ABRO-BVRO - GBS-VBS membership fees have been presented and approved during the annual joint General Assembly.

Below you will find the letter which contains all the information.

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Dear colleague,

You will find below the annual fee to pay as member of our two societies defending the point of view of the radiation oncologists in Belgium: the Belgian Association of Radiation Oncology (ABRO-BVRO) and the Professional Union of Radiation Oncology, making part of the GBS-VBS.

Please, note that the Professional Union of Radiation Oncology is not a trade Union for Doctors (like ABSYM/BVAS or CARTEL) but the main organ for professional defense of our profession through GBS-VBS.

Please, look at the different columns and find the fee in correlation with your experience.

The membership renewal always has to be done via our website
The payment of your member fee needs to be linked with your account(*) to allow you to register for events etc... This is only possible if you renew your membership on the website. In the last step you can choose how you want to pay your member fee (debit/credit card or bank transfer).

Find the instructions below:

  • Go to the “Members Only” area by logging in (if you forgot your password you can use the ‘forgot login’ application).

  • Click on “Renew membership” which you will find under “Quick links” in the right column.

  • Reactivate your membership or upgrade your membership to another membership possibility (only applicable for junior members who want to sign in for the joint membership with ESTRO (ABRO-BVRO + GBS-VBS + ESTRO)).

  • Should you need an invoice for your accounting and your billing address is different from your mailing address, you can change it and add a VAT number. Please note that no invoices will be provided separately by the secretariat; only the invoices available on the website are provided for member fee payment.
    You can always find your invoices of the last 12 months on the website in your user profile (“View profile” under “Quick links” > tab “Subscription”).

  • Once you have checked (and modified) your billing address, you can continue your membership renewal. There are several payment methods you can choose from: credit card, debit card, bank transfer.

  • If you choose to pay online (debit/credit card) your membership renewal will be activated automatically. You will receive an automatically generated confirmation e-mail from the website.
    If you choose to pay via bank transfer, your payment has to be registered by the secretariat and your membership renewal will be activated after this registration. You will receive an automatically generated confirmation e-mail after this manual registration.


(*) We kindly request to make sure your ‘personal member info’ of your account is always up-to-date.

You can check your ‘personal member info’ by going to “View profile” under
“Quick links” > tab “Contact Info”.
If needed you can complete/correct this info by going to “Edit Personal Member Info” under “Quick links”.

You have the possibility to modify and choose your password yourself!


Only if you have no access to internet:
With a direct bank transfer to : ABRO-BVRO IBAN: BE31 4286 0932 7155

In this case, don’t forget to write your Christian name and official name in the communication.
Please note that your account on the website will not be reactivated and that we cannot provide invoices for these membership renewals. 





Membership type

Electronic payment


Bank Transfer

Active members Recognized in 2013 or before

€ 295,00

Active members Recognized in 2016, 2015 or 2014

€ 220,00

Active members Recognized in 2017

€ 160,00


M.D. candidates in Radiation Oncology


     Joint membership with ESTRO (ABRO-BVRO + GBS-VBS + ESTRO)

€ 140,00


€ 105,00


R.O. Retired members (GBS-VBS + UPRO only)

€ 55,00

Members already members of GBS-VBS with another specialty (M.D.)

€ 145,00


NO Doctors (physicist,…) : only ABRO-BVRO

€ 105,00


In case of any problem, you can join us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The amount paid is 100 % considered as a professional deductibility.

Please, pay your fee NOW and not at the end of the year and don’t forget to mention the name of the person renewing the annual fee (mainly for universities or private societies).

The above mentioned amounts are valid until 31 August 2017.
In case of late payment (excepted for new assistants who begin in September), a supplement fee of € 10 will be added for administrative purposes (from September 2017).

Sincerely yours,


Treasurer of ABRO-BVRO and Professional Union

Belgische Vereniging voor Radiotherapie-Oncologie vzw | Association Belge de Radiothérapie-Oncologie asbl | Siège social - Hoofdkantoor : GBS - VBS, avenue de la Couronne, 20 – Kroonlaan, 20
1050 BRUXELLES – 1050 BRUSSEL,BELGIUM, National Number : 425.705.482, TVA -VAT : BE0.425.705.482

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