ESTRO, the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy and Oncology and the ABRO-BVRO have made an arrangement for a joint membership for their young members (= Junior members). With this joint membership junior members have the possibility to benefit from a reduced membership fee. Junior members are able to choose to become an ESTRO member for the price of 55 EUR instead of the regular 75 EUR. This membership is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended since ESTRO offers you some benefits as described below.

Moreover, if you choose for this Joint Membership formula the ABRO/BVRO reduces its membership fee with 20 EUR . In summary:

Regular Young membership fee ESTRO:

Regular Junior membership fee ABRO-BVRO – GBS-VBS:

75 EUR

105 EUR

Joint Young/Junior membership fee ESTRO – ABRO-BVRO – GBS-VBS:

140 EUR*

*The membership renewal is still to be done via the ABRO-BVRO website and the full amount has to be paid onto the ABRO-BVRO bank account. The ABRO-BVRO secretariat will supply to ESTRO the needed membership data (name, mailing and e-mail address, date of birth...).

ESTRO benefits:

  • Reduced “in training” members’ fee for attending ESTRO and Joint events/courses

  • Online access to the Journal Radiotherapy and Oncology, including supplements

  • Online access to FALCON cases (members' cases)

  • Online access to ESTRO events webcasts  (after 6 months)

  • Eligibility for grants and awards

  • Online access to the ESTRO Physics Booklets

  • Online access to the ESTRO newsletter, ESTRO EU Affairs Monitoring Report and the ESTRO annual report

  • Online access to ESTRO Guidelines

  • Online access to the membership directory

  • Reduced members’ prices on ESTRO publications and Handbooks

    Click here to be redirected to the ESTRO website – “why become an ESTRO member”.

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